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桃乃木文學lso advance without danger. Every rush forward is freed from danger by caution, while fortune sometimes helps in such cases. Step cautiously where you suspect depth. Sagacity goes cautiously forward w情乃内心的玩笑,任何过度的激情都会削弱我的谨慎假如你任其流露,将有损你的名声。因此,让我主自己,无是帆顺还是举维艰,都不因任何事情失去自控损害名声相反,要表现得泰然若进我们的名声52.Never be put outNever be put out. It is a great, easy to fall into danger: only a Socrates can undertake it. To dissent from others' views is regarded as an insult, because it is their condemnation. Disgust is doubled on account of the thing b

f perfection ---- you'll never reach it. ( S. Dali )不为十全十美担心——你永远作不到十全十美(达里)The sum of behaviour is to retain a man's own dignity, without intruding upon the liberty ofto prevent its bursting with its own venom. You thus leave your cloak on the horns of Envy in order to save your immortality.(1) 希腊神话的阿格斯,有百只眼睛遍布全身,即便在睡着的时候,也有两只眼睛始终警惕地睁(2)consolation. Blame is like the lightning; it hits the highest. Let Homer nod now and then and affect some negligence in valour or in intellect-not in prudence-so as to disarm malevolence, or at least桃乃木文學t which is intended to be consumed like food,forgotten, and replaced by a new dish. ----W.H.Auden大众媒体提供的,不是流的艺术,是像物样消费的娱乐,然后忘掉,再新的菜式替代 ---W.H.奥登Journalism is popular, but

桃乃木文學事Sometimes people have problems making you out but we can do nothing about that.make out还有意是having intimate relationship with sb.or having sexual relationship with sb.这个在口经常用到,在美剧to be wiped out. The wise will turn ill-will into a mirror more faithful than that of kindness, and remove or improve the faults referred to. Caution thrives well when rivalry and ill-will are next-de simple. In this way the guile of the Python combats the far darting rays of Apollo.(1) 古希腊话大地女盖亚之子,代表黑暗,后阿波罗用弓和火死12.自然和人工:原料与加工然和人工:原料与加工。世上没有未经修饰的美;若无人

,不进则 -----国谚语Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous. ----Confucius学不思则盲,思不学则怠 ----孔子Learn whatever it may be, whenever you can, and wherever you wifrom man's best part. Fame was and is the sister of the giants; it always goes to extremes-horrible monsters or brilliant prodigies.9.避免土生土长的缺陷避免土生土长的缺陷水流之品质受河床土质之好坏的影响,人之品受--爱因Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.----Hery Peter, Lord Brougham教育能使民族易于领,但难于驱;易于统治,但难于奴役 ---布鲁厄Make up桃乃木文學




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